Metal Bronze System Design

A Partner of Choice

The success of a project depends on the synergy of resources. Metal Bronze System Design blends quality materials, state of the art equipment and experienced professionals to carry out each assignment.

An Organization Devoted to Realizing Your Project

Quality Every Step of the Way

In order to offer you products in compliance with the strictest quality standards, Metal Bronze System Design has chosen the most reliable suppliers. Swissmetal, KDI, Thyssen and FAPIM are all industry references for quality.

Metal Bronze System Design  is 1,500 m2 workshops are equipped with comprehensive technical equipment to handle all production operations. A wide range of machine-tools enables Metal Bronze System Design  to bend, fold and fashion raw materials into the desired finished product.

A Qualified Team

The Guarantee of Experience

Two master craftsmen run the Metal Bronze System design  team which is made up of five highly qualified journeymen, assisted by three experienced skilled workers.

To execute innovative projects, an in-company design office develops ideas and drafts the plans. More complex projects are entrusted to specialized partners, such as Prat SA.

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