Metal Bronze System Design

Finishing Secrets

The MBS system blends technical performance and aesthetics. Finishing is entrusted to master craftsmen in the techniques of gilding, inlays, and enameling. We invest a maximum of talent and attention to deliver a perfect product.

Variety of Surfaces

Textures and Light

The finishes of our profiles are obtained using various processes that produce a wide range of natural colors. Our special burnishing treatment gives your doors and windows a light, medium, or dark natural sheen. Manual buffing of various parts of the structure brings out harmonious nuances, and gives a basrelief effect.

If a protective coating is necessary, Metal Bronze System offers traditional wax finishes or specially prepared varnishes.

Decoration and Ornamentation

Attention to Detail

Personalization involves the tiniest details. In order to meet your expectations, Metal Bronze System has gathered a team of experienced professionals.

Decorative elements can be gold plated according to your taste. We can also produce any type of finish, or work with inlays, precious gems, as well as luminous or artistic elements.

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